Services offered are aimed at achieving and exceeding the client’s expectations.

    Architectural Services

    - Design brief compilation,
    - Space planning,
    - Contract documentation and tenders
    - Contract administration.

    Brief Compilation
    - Appraisal and definition of the clients requirements
    - Compilation and preparation of report
    - Advising the client on the need to appoint other consultants
    - Procedure to meet the client and statutory requirements

    Contract Documentation
    - Preparation and compilation of drawings
    - Compilation of specifications
    - Compilation of other documents required for tender invitationbr

    Tenders and Contract Administration
    - Invitation of tenders,
    - evaluation of bids and compilation of tender evaluation report to guide the client select a contractor.
    - Administration of site handover to the contractor,
    - site visits and site meetings at regular intervals in accordance with conditions of contract
    - Monitoring of construction in accordance to the tender drawings

    Project Management Services

    - Project planning, and organisation,
    - Co-ordination and control,
    - Project procurement and contract administration,
    - Site co-ordination

    Project Planning
    - Development of scope (brief or charter; clients requirements and objectives);
    - Formulate strategy ,resource requirements planning; procurement planning; preparation of  the project master and other schedules;
    - Organisational structure; monitoring, co-ordination and control of cost estimates by the relevant consultants;
    - Monitoring, co-ordinating and control of the various professional consultants;
    - Coordination of presentation of proposals and reports by the various consultants for the client’s approval.

    Project Procurement Management
    - Formulation and implemention of procurement plan
    - Determination of professional team ,contractors and suppliers required on the project;
    - preparation and compilation of procurement documentation
    - monitoring and co-ordination of the reviewing and adjudication of tenders

    Project Administration
    - Monitoring and co-ordination of the contractual arrangements between the project stakeholders.

    Project Communoication
    - Formulation and implementation of a project communication plan;
    - Establishment of a project communication structure; planning, organising and chairing the various
       project meetings to ensure effective co-ordination of the decision making process.
    - monitoring and control of information flow on the project

    Interior Design

    TARCH interior design unit is formed with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial marketplace.
    This division is passionate about style and detail and carries a prestigious knowledge of interior design, with no scope limitations.

    Contracts and Planning
    Development of design drawings to detail in consultation with the client.

    Building and Decorating Specifications
    Produce documentation for building and decorating specifications.

    Co-ordination of Contractors
    Commission of full specifications and approval of the recommended contractor as well as project cost estimates.
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