Our Practice Pholosophy
    TARCH Architects believes that good architecture is a collaborative effort.  This collaboration needs to be inclusive.  In order to be truly effective the client, user/s, builder, consultants and community need to work cooperatively to put diverse ideas on the table and together agree upon the best solutions.  Excellent and progressive architecture can only be achieved when the architect and client engage in a dialogue, which establishes an atmosphere of common purpose.

    Designs are examined from first principles, projects are not formula driven but rather uniquely crafted for the particular place, drawing from its character, associations and memories. Our approach to architecture is always conceptual and begins with the understanding of the harmonies and conflicts within the brief, before they become entwined within the architectural solution. We live within a world where chaos, uncertainty and complexity are routine.  The constant evolution and conflict within artistic, political and economic programmes represent the truest manifestation of contemporary culture. Linking, binding and juxtaposing these programmes is a continuous and evolving thread to our work.

    A building is intrinsically related to its physical context and the forces that influence it. Its spaces exist, fragment and dislocate over time. The way they are used, and perceived to be used evolves within a changing cultural context. Forms respond to and then transcends the brief, to create an architectural simplicity concerned with spatial experience. Our projects are often about extending the limits of the built enclosure to ‘take in’ external space. This can be vertical as well as horizontal. Connections are made across all planes and to the sky.

    The use of natural light is an important element of our work allowing spaces to be carefully animated and bright. This gives the work a tonal and sculptural quality we enjoy. The use of glass is often integral to achieving this.  Also the use of natural light through highly sophisticated glazing allows our projects to require the minimum of artificial lighting. Conservation of energy is achieved through design, building orientation and the careful balance between glazing and insulated elements.

    We believe in buildings that recognise and value their locale and relate directly to the way we work. We express buildings and spaces as natural elements. It is important that context of topography, demography, ritual and buildings be critically examined for each project. Our architectural response is a reconfiguration of traditional symbols that can be read as both fresh and familiar at the same time.

    TARCH Architects is committed to sustainable design.  We are constantly seeking the most effective and appropriate solutions to energy use, material choice and environmental quality.  The connection between the material, the process of construction and the architectural ‘idea’ is fundamental to our work.

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